So, I’m sure that most of us are well aware that sometime in the past week we have discovered a ‘U2′ album in our iTunes library. Where did it come from? Why do I have it? you might ask, well Apple and U2 have recently teamed up to upload their latest ‘Songs of Innocence’ on every iTunes installed on mobile, macbook and desktops.

For those of you who didn’t know Apple and U2 teamed up back in 2008 producing a special edition U2 iPod.  According to Time, Apple and U2 reportedly now are collaborating on a new music format that will boost digital music sales. Although we would love to find out how they are planning on going this details on the music format or the secret project surrounding it were not revealed, but U2′s Bono says it will help musicians sell more of their music.

To date, over 33 million have accessed their new album, and reports reveal that the number is ‘record breaking’! It’s no doubt that digital music sales are dropping as other online streaming services like Spotify continue to grow. According to Nielsen SoundScan data from the first half of 2014, digital album sales fell 15 percent year over year, while digital track sales fell 13 percent. At the same time, streaming music increased 42 percent.



What do you think? Were you pissed off about the album suddenly appearing? Or did you love it just as much as we did (Oh we rate the album 4/5) We’d love to hear from you #GetOut

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