Mapfest 2014

The most fun you can have with your clothes on…

August 29th and 30th saw Mapfest descend upon the town centre of Doncaster, and what a two day session it was. In its third year, this was without doubt the best one yet and Out was there all weekend, in and out of the 20 venues that opened their doors to live music, beers and good times all round!

Mapfest had it all; a signature beer, a signature dish provided by the Yorkshire Pie House (if you haven’t been yet, then go, it’s amazing!) and a hoard of bars and pubs all providing different genres of live music and making sure the incredible amount of people out and about were suitably entertained. What surprised us the most about the event, was the hype that it has in the build up. For a local event in a town in Yorkshire, the Facebook page was buzzing with people coming from all over the place, excited about who they were going to see and where they were going to go. This is testament to the work and effort the organisers have put in over the last three years because to have the excitement and buzz this had, must take some serious hard work and promotion. So…after all that, there was only one option left for us; charge the camera, slap on some all-dayer clothes and go and see what all the fuss was about!

There were people everywhere. Both friday night and saturday! Mapfest is clearly important to Doncaster and the crowds reflected that. It saw the re-birth of the Leopard which is great news for Doncaster, looking shiny and resplendent but still giving that unique live atmosphere that only the Leopard can provide particularly when Jonny Gill was playing. The Diamond Lounge was absolutely incredible; the place is built for this sort of thing and really showed its class this weekend especially when Groom Lake Fugitives took to the stage. Little Theatre (home of our upcoming stand up show) had a brilliant niche for the festival-the seating provided a totally different feel and made each show seem like it was taking place in a mini-arena. Social Bar (Jord Allen was brilliant) and Vintage Rock Bar (Grains smashed it) brought the noise and showed exactly why they are such great venues for live music. Cask Corner had a little set a little bit of history for Mapfest with the unbelievably talented 9 year old Tom Myercough alongside self proclaimed Donny Diva Anastasia Walker

The Masons Arms was packed and the atmosphere and sound coming from the place showed why-even standing outside with a beer was worth the time because the place was great all weekend. The new and popular MarketPlace Alehouse got it bang on with it’s first go at Mapfest-the acts there balanced perfectly with the venue itself and had amazing acoustic and spoken word acts all weekend-David Bailey, Starsie Walker and Laura Kelly were outstanding! The Out sponsored stage at the Woolpack was brilliant; the Woolpack is synonymous with live music in Doncaster anyway and they really put on a show this year with bands such as Us Amongst The Rest, StripedSight who were outstanding, Sean Grant and the Wolfgang and a number of other amazing acts that kept the place bouncing for the whole two days!

Mapfest is here to stay, and we’re glad for that. The organisers clearly care about what they are doing and this is reflected in the event itself-it’s down to earth, great fun and free! Doncaster has a great live music scene and the organisers of this weekend music fest want more people to get involved with the live music scene we have on our doorstep. Every venue that was involved was incredibly welcoming, well organised and showed that Doncaster has the ability to put on a show that brings people from around the country to come and see what our town can do. Rumour is Mapfest 2015 will be even bigger, better and longer. We’ll be there next year, make sure you are too!

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