We are competitive souls here at Out. It gets serious, aggressive and sometimes violent. When Nixim MotorSim in Balby got in touch to have us down for some racing fun, there was the possibility someone was going to end up injured (accidental bumping off the track for example) but our fears were allayed. Nixim is a motor racing simulation centre. And it is awesome. 

You’re sat in a frame (built by Dave who owns the place) with pedals, flappy paddle gears and a screen in front if you. Sounds basic…5 laps and you’re at Silverstone in your head. It isbbrilliant and also massively addictive. 

We were welcomed by Dave, who is a great host who took us through how everything works, what to do, gears etc. What’s very cool about it is that it’s incredibly detailed; you have to take the corners how a racing driver would otherwise you’re off (a place Amy spent a large amount of time). But don’t worry, Dave takes into account the groups capabilities and sets races to match those levels. We were at Silverstone and I was gone straight away. I was doing the practice laps like I was in a proper race and was yelling at myself when I got things wrong. You have to go and try it. We’re thinking an Out Grand prix very soon so keep an eye on the website. 

The equipment is quality, the experience is brilliant and it’s a fantastic thing to do in Donny. It’s not expensive for something so fun-check www.niximmotorsim.com for prices and packages-amd go see Dave for some racing fun, he’ll look after ya!

We never knew it would be so much fun going nowhere fast…

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