Laugh Out Loud: People came and laughed, a job well done! The recollections of a scared shitless first time MC

So, on September 12th we launched our first live event, Laugh Out Loud, at the Little Theatre in Doncaster. Those that came know just how good the night was, but if you didn’t (naughty you!) then here is a bit of a rundown as to how it all unfolded!


Amy and Ryan had worked their lovely bums off to get it all sorted, the acts were on the way, the room looked amazing and our beautiful audience was gathered round supping from a ridiculously cheap bar. The guys had made the room look incredible, even the acts were shocked at just how good it actually looked. Everybody took their seats and then it hit me; nerves. My balls were in my throat and I had a look at the full room (everybody looked sexy in their fancy friday gear) which made it even worse. You see, I don’t often find myself on stage (never actually) so the fact that I was hosting the show made it even worse as I had responsibilities and there is nothing worse then giving me responsibilities.


I walked out on stage and…silence. I had forgot to announce my imminent arrival on stage, you could have heard a pin drop! However, the audience were amazing from that minute. They burst into massive applause and that made it all a little bit easier. It is worth noting now, that I have a new found respect for anyone that does anything on stage as it is terrifying. You get an immediate response, so if you’re shit (which I was at the start) then you know about it. I had a bit of banter with the packed room and then moved off to introduce the professionals. Up first was Carl Jones…


He was amazing. I had the best seat in the house, backstage watching the acts and Carl was superb as an opener. I have no idea how hard it must be to open a show where everyone expects you to be funny, but Carl has the craft down to a tee. His observational humour is bang on and I love his bit about being ‘pretty gangster’ whilst maintaining the nicest hair I have ever seen on a man! We wanted Carl as our opener from the minute the night was planned; he is a real natural on stage and as well as being a genuinely funny bloke, is one of the nicest people I have ever met! The crowd really settled into the night with Carl and it made for a great evening.


I then brought on Nathan-stage name Zak- for some incredible mentalism and illusion. He did the rounds in the bar during breaks amazing the guests with incredible tricks that had people genuinely amazed and gasping at how he does it! He went on stage and whittled the audience down to one bloke and brought him up on stage to show just how good he is at what he does. Nathans work during the breaks kept the night following as there was no let up for the crowd-entertained from start to finish was the brief and it definitely lived up to that. He is scarily good that lad…


Matt Fong, Doncasters very own comedian smashed it with his ability to let his routine go where the crowd wants it to. Like all comedians, he has a plan but is happy to deviate and work with the audience to create a relaxed set where the crowd are involved and he works from their responses phenomenally well. We know Matt well and love going to his regular show at the Phoenix Theatre in Bawtry (we’ll keep you updated for the next one) and the noise during his act was deafening from back stage, especially the audience singing the dating song. He had more jokes but couldn’t do them, the audience were that loud and happy! He is the funniest Half Doncaster-Half Chinese man I know…and there’s a few!


Sean Turner joined us from Newcastle. He is a different kind of act all together. Completely unpredictable and unbelievably funny, I wouldn’t call him surreal because I think he is funnier than that. I’d call him a naturally funny man (We all had a beer afterwards and he had me in fits just talking about all manner of bollocks) who had the audience on the edge of their seat all the way through his set. The beauty of what Sean does is that you never know what’s coming next, from buffing (you had to be there) to cheering to singing he keeps you involved all the way through. I love Vic and Bob, the fact that his act reminded me of them inside 30 seconds of first seeing him live is testament to how good he is.


Last up was our headliner Joseph Wilson. He was fantastic. The audience loved him, and he was great with them! Again, he has an ability to let his set go where the crowd take it. The night wears on and people have a few drinks, you end up with heckles (I got a few and had no idea what to do with them!) and the thing about Joseph is that no matter what anyone might shout, he has a response. And they are outstanding. I wouldn’t get into one with him (he destroyed me in the bar talking about Arsenal) and he has a real presence on stage. The thing that I enjoyed most was that he did stuff on stage that I knew was off the cuff having spoken to him backstage. There was no doubt that he brought the show to a fantastic close, his Peter Griffin impression is immense and weirdly spot on, even more so that I couldn’t see him at the time!


And so, after Joseph I walked on stage for the last time to thank the audience for coming etc. Thing is, that was when I first properly loved it! I’d been shitting with my clothes on all the way through, and then when I was due to wrap it up I actually settled into it. Typical. I literally don’t remember anything I said throughout the night, but apparently I was semi-amusing-these kind words came from Amy, Ryan and the comedians themselves so they could be sympathetic as opposed to complimentary. However, it was an honour to do the night, introduce such outstanding acts and get clapped at for doing literally nothing but stand on stage and talk crap! The night was brilliant from start to finish, a massive success and there is definitely more to come…

Special Thanks:

To all the acts – thankyou guys, you were all amazing and thanks for agreeing to do the show for us!

To the Little Theatre lot – thanks for having us, the room was beaut and the whole night flowed so well, better than we could have ever imagined!

To the crowd – we love you ya beautiful buggers! You came from all over the shop, and were fantastic and incredibly positive about the night afterwards.

To Amy and Ryan – Thanks for letting me show off for the night! It was an honour that you asked me and you both pulled it off so well. These guys have much more in the pipeline so it’s worth keeping your eyes on this website because they’re guaranteed to be amazing. Trust me!




Oh aye, we’re in the Free Press. Page 49, we’re putting clippings all over the internet so you’ll see it, you’ll have no choice.


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